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Wanda Wen Bio Header .png

It was during Wanda’s 200-hr Teacher Training at YogaWorks in Southern California, under the mentorship of Lainie Devina, where the idea sparked for YogaLand. There had to be an engaging way to learn the breadth of information needed to become a certified yoga instructor.

Being a devotee of the experiential learning method of Waldorf education - all 3 of her children, Simone, Dag and Odin, were Waldorf students - and knowing that information roots more firmly in one's brain and consciousness when the material is presented experientially, Wanda set out to create the game, YogaLand. The result is a holistic experience of yoga that engages the head, the heart and the hand - the thinking, the feeling and the doing.

Wanda is CEO and Founder of Soolip, a design company creating paper and lifestyle products with discriminating aesthetic and mindful sensibility.  She holds a business degree from University of Southern California and earned her RYT-500 yoga certification through YogaWorks.

Wanda is passionate about yoga and it’s 8-limbed path and feels strongly that if its principles were practiced by more of the world’s citizens, it could be a key to the sustenance of this planet.

Bryan Branly Bio Header.png

Bryan began his yoga journey in 2006 after a serious skiing accident.  Tragedy turned into fortune, as his recovery opened his eyes to the vast world of yoga. Bryan co-created YogaLand to help inspire yogis to cultivate mindfulness and equanimity in the modern world.

Bryan is a certified instructor who completed his teacher training at YogaWorks in Los Angeles. As a full time teacher and student, Bryan has learned from some of the greatest teachers in the world including Maty Ezraty, Lisa Walford, Chuck Miller and Carrie Owerko. Bryan holds additional certifications in Yin Yoga, Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. He’s actively involved in yoga curriculum and has assisted several successful teacher trainings. 

In addition to yoga, Bryan is a graduate of UCLA and a Webby-honored, multimedia producer & host with over 18 years of professional experience. He’s also traveled extensively around the world and immersed himself in many cultures near and far. These experiences have contributed to his unique way of instructing, connecting and laughing with people.

Ashley Dead Bio Header.png

Ashley has been an avid adventurer her entire life. This quest for zest took her from her hometown of La Jolla, CA to Hanover, NH, where she had a successful career as a Division I collegiate volleyball player at Dartmouth College. Upon graduating, she explored a career in collegiate coaching, which also afforded her the opportunity to receive her Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern University.

Ashley is inquisitive by nature. She is consistently pursuing exploration and discovery. In her early 30s, she adopted a yoga practice to balance the physical demands of life. She desired to be more flexible, to increase mobility and to eliminate stiffness. As her practice evolved, with influence, yoga transpired as a path of self - inquiry. It is only recently that she accepted - "yoga truly begins the moment I focus my mind on the present." Yoga is not the pose, it's the state of being. 

Ashley was immediately drawn to YogaLand. She was appreciative of the educational experience exposing her further to the eight-limbed path, Sanskrit, chakras and various asanas. However, it was the ultimate gift of connection, mindfulness and being present in the experience that captured her heart and her spirit. Ashley resides in Thousand Oaks, CA with her wife of seven years. Both are world travelers and enjoy road biking, mountain biking, hiking, yoga and spending time with family and friends.