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We are passionate about supporting yoga and mindfulness in our high schools. Teenage years are an integral time in a life of a human being. In our modern day and more than ever, this time is fraught with challenge and the pressure of change.

Yoga and mindfulness practices provide tools for our teens to cope with all that comes with being a teenager. Once learned, these tools will help carry teens into their adult lives and can be a source to draw upon for continued health for mind, body and spirit. 

We are proud to support the amazing efforts of Youth Yoga. They are dedicated to bringing yoga to public schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District where their mission is to empower and inspire teens by giving them yoga exercises and mediation tools from which they will grow into confident adults and successful members of our society.

For every YogaLand game sold on-line, YogaLand will donate $3 to Youth Yoga