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...the experiential board game that challenges knowledge of yoga's eight-limbed path

...ideal for those who want to deepen their yoga practice

...a witty and provocative community-building opportunity to engage body and mind, heart and soul entertaining and educational game perfect for those going through a yoga teacher training effective tool for yoga teacher trainers to engage and instruct

...a rite of passage for anyone earning their yoga teaching credentials


✴︎ Players:  4 - 12

✴︎ Playing Time:  60 - 90 minutes

✴︎ Ages: 13-108 . . . ages over 108, you have already reached enlightenment

✴︎Basic knowledge of yoga and some Sanskrit is helpful

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Delve into eight different sub-games that evoke your 

Mind, Body, Spirit and Third Eye!

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Move stuck energy and clear your chakras!  

Integrated within the eight-limbed path are chance encounter visits to one of the seven chakra holding areas. Are you lucky or unlucky to land here?  A consult with the Game Guru and the Oracle of Patanjali requiring piercing self-inquiry and truthful heart sharing is the only way back to the path towards Samadhi.  

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TEACHES . . . 

✴︎ physical yoga postures
✴︎ yoga postures in English and Sanskrit
✴︎ Sanskrit phrases and words
✴︎ 8 – limbed yogic path
✴︎ chakras 


✴︎ mindfulness
✴︎ conscious living
✴︎ the senses


✴︎ drawing
✴︎ singing/chanting
✴︎ acting
✴︎ sharing heart truth


✴︎ community
✴︎ laughter

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