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Each category is represented by a group of cards housed in a handy tray from which to draw cards from.  With a total of 400 cards, 50 cards in each of the 8 different Sub-Games, players have bountiful opportunities for yogic action.


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Name that Pose Card.png

Name That Pose™

A multiple-choice game reinforcing Sanskrit-to-English translation of yoga poses.

Vritti Scramble Card.png

Vritti Scramble™

A timed game strengthening knowledge of Sanskrit roots. The player must unscramble the letters provided to create a Sanskrit word.


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Heat Builder Card.png

Heat Builder™

A timed game testing knowledge of alignment, right action, muscle groups and risk factors of asanas.

Prana Drama Card.png

Prana Drama™

A timed physical game where players act out yogi lifestyle-related objects or ideas.


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Sutra Star Card.png

Sutra Star™

A multiple-choice game that reinforces knowledge of the great Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - a collection of aphorisms outlining the eight limbs of yoga, and a body of work that offers seeds of wisdom and guidelines for living a meaningful life with purpose.

Chant Off Card.png

Chant Off™

A game strengthening familiarity with Sanskrit chants, mimicking call and response technique.

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A timed game that challenges knowledge of correct yoga poses, from Sanskrit to English through drawing.

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Drishti Challenge™

A multiple-choice game that challenges familiarity and knowledge of the eight limbs of yoga. Through relating real-life scenarios to the yogic limbs, this game encourages application of normal, daily life to the mindful living principles of yoga.